New and old interests

I suddenly realized that a whole year passed since the last time I wrote a post. So let's try to feel the gap talking about the things that recently took me away from these pages.

Work place

I still work here at Panmind. It's fantastic place to be, the best working place I've ever had. The job is interesting, the place is cool and people is fantastic. It's still like living in a movie to me. Having the opportunity to work in this team is the best thing can happen to you, not only from a professional standpoint. I'm learning tons of new stuff each day and I promise I'll keep writing about it.



I completely got addicted to VIM. Don't want to talk much about this editor because there's nothing I would say that hasn't been over told yet. I recently discovered website, where you can find many awesome videos on few programming topics. The guy running the site is a Vim guru and in one of the latest clips I saw I found the best definition of Vim awesomeness you can describe in one line.

read > scan > do

That means "You can read a page to find what you want, or better you can scan a document to find shapes that match what you are looking for. But, better than all, you can tell your editor what you want, and this is what makes Vim so special. There's always a way to tell the editor what you want, even with eyes closed. At the end of a working day you save yourself a lot of eye work.

Ruby and Rails

I'm still in love with Ruby. Thinking about the other programming languages I had the chance to work with (PHP, Python, ActionScript, and what else?), I still don't feel like I'm missing something. It's by far the one I'm most proficient in nowadays, so the comparison won't be honest. Here too, I don't want to say much about Ruby's awesomeness, just that its metaprogramming features blowed my mind completely and they still keep fascinating me.

Rails is still the best web framework I got in touch so far, I'm working with it everyday and I'm still happy and extremely thankful to myself for having decided to invest my own time in learning that instead of something else. It has been a successful choice, thank to myself once more, I keep writing with it and learning from it. But most importantly Rails is giving me the chance to get in touch with a wonderful community of people I'm constantly learning from.


Impossibile to avoid to work with javascript when you are doing web apps. Sill learning it, it's a bad beast. I don't think it's a good programming language. It's basically something you have to deal with, and try to find the beauty in it in order to live happy days in his company.

Fortunately I recently got in touch with a framework called Backbone.js. Looks very interesting, I'll try to write something about it in a further post. I've also started reading Javascript Patterns in order to give the js I write a reasonable shape.


I'm really enjoing podcasts these days, let's mention a few of them.

Ruby Rogues

First of all the Ruby Rogues. It's a bounch of Top Level Ruby Hackers talking about misc topics, and it's increadible how much their talk absorbes me. Each podcast is about one hour long, worth each minute. I'm sorry I can't keep up with the their pics and with the book they talk about.

Build and Analyze

Five by Five has several interesting and well produced podcasts. This is the first pleace where I recognized the difference between a podcast and top quality one. One of my favourites is "Build and Analyze": with Marco Arment. He seems to know a lot of thing on many subjects and I really enjoy his approach to product management.

I forgot how hard it is to write a blog post, that's enough for today. See you, hopefully sooner than the next year.


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