The best email workflow

Today I found this OSX Mail plugin and I'm happy for life:

It's definitely the missing button on OSX Mail, it allows you to do one
simple thing, that is to Archive your mail.

This is something that on a plain Mail installation you either:

  • do manually
  • don't do at all

If you fit the second case you are in troubles. The risk is to end up with an inbox folder which is basically containing all emails you ever received.

Thanks to this plugin, nowadays my email workflow is the following:

  • receive email
  • decide what to do with it
    • trash it
    • keep it in inbox
    • archive it

In other words, my inbox folder == my desktop. I try to only keep aronud the stuff I either have to act on or stuff I think can be useful to keep at hand for something to happen in the near future.

I heard Merlin Mann talk about this workflow once, and I struggled to have a shortcut for it without having to spend for expansive and overfeatured Mail plugins.


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