How to setup Zimbra to forward missing recipients to Google Apps

This tip is to configure a Zimbra instance to deliver messages to Google Apps in the case the recipient email address is not found on the local server.

This is the scenario:

  • you have an email domain on Zimbra with an email account:
  • you have Google Apps configured to use Zimbra as a secondary server. This means that Google Apps will be configured as the only MX dns record, and will forward all unknown recipients to Zimbra as a fallback.
  • you have an email account configured on Google Apps:
  • when you are logged into Zimbra webmail (or use an IMAP client) in you want to be able to forward messages to

In normal conditions, Zimbra will reply with a message telling you that the recipient is not found.

The following command will tell Zimbra to forward every message for the given domain to Google Apps:

zmprov md zimbraMailTransport

I searched for ways to apply this configuration through the administration interface but I wasn’t able to find anything. So running this at the command line seems to be the only option.

Then, restart postfix:

postfix stop 
postfix start 

From now on, every message for domain will be forwarded to Google Apps first.

If you are a Zimbra guru and you know a better way to do that please drop me a line in the comments.


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