Wireless keyboard on a phone

I’m writing this post by typing on wireless keyboard into my phone. It’s the first time I connect a wireless keyboard to my iPhone 5 and I have to say it’s a pretty interesting experience. 

I’m typing directly into the WordPress app’s input field. There’s some lag, which makes it feel odd. I don’t know if it’s the bluetooth connection, if it’s the input field itself that does not expect such a fast input sequence. 

I suppose this input field is somehow translating what I type into HTML, doing some extra work at each keystroke. In a previous test I did with the Notes app the input was pretty smooth with no lag at all.

On a quick search on Amazon I saw there are some interesting models, including one which is capable to swtich quickly among up to three devices. Very nice.

Why would one use such a keyboard to type into the phone? I don’t know but I suppose that when you are on a gig and you want to be free to draft a blog post without carrying your laptop with you, such setup may be a pretty good alternative. On a tablet it makes definitely much more sense. 

Anyway the experience is positive and I’m considering buying one for myself (this is the Apple keyboard I borrowed from a friend’s home computer).

Do you ever use a wireless keyboard on a phone/tablet device? I’m curious to know about your work/entertainment setup.


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