How to use this blog

This is not a niche blog and will probably never be. It’s a personal exercise in writing, stuff has to flow as it comes to my mind with no worry at all about marketing concerns. You can follow this altogether if you like varied content, or you can pick categories below.


I’ve setup few categories for this blog, around which my publishing activities will rotate. You may find one or more of the following to be interesting to you. Here is the list, with the link to the category’s RSS feed.

From the web

Here is where I’m going to post things from the web I stumble upon, funny stuff or just worth mentioning. RSS feed


Stuff like “How to install XXX on YYY”. Stuff I may find useful for myself in some time in the future, mainly for work. Guides to follow step by step, more or less. RSS feed


I like doing reviews of products or services. Things may vary from a SaaS to a pen (yes, pens, I’m a pen geek). RSS feed


SaaS is my industry, now and then I may publish something related to the SaaS world. RSS feed


Sometimes I just want to write out thoughts about on the most disparate subjects. Sometimes stuff about personal improvements, what I can do better, mistakes, regrets, love and hate. RSS feed


Videos deserve a category apart. RSS feed


Whatever doesn’t fit in any of the above. I’ll try not to use it. RSS feed


Comments of whatever kind are welcome. I’m not a native english writer so please don’t hesitate to correct my mistakes.